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The Port

THE INDUSTRIAL PORT • Port of national economic significance’ - Category II, class II - classified by Regional Law 01/08/2002, No.166; • Operating ever since 1975, it may be used by companies either directly, with access to port docks through their own terminals, or via a common area Port Yard covering a surface of 20 ha; • 1,600,000 tons of cargo handled and 421 ships in transit (average import/export datum referred to the latest 10 years • Source: Port Authority of Oristano); • 20 ha of docked port yard for loading and unloading goods, as a common area, provided with equipment and services for goods handling; • Double port specialization: Industrial: enterprises can purchase lot properties bordering the Canal, a unique case on the domestic level. In this case, they are granted an exclusive use of docks, with the resulting economic benefits on transport costs offered by such an advantaged location; Commercial: bulk goods handling (mainly minerals) is especially convenient at the common area Port Yard. Goods come from, and are directed to, a wide range of territorial contexts, being not restricted to the settlement situation of the Industrial Conglomeration. The Port aims at operating as a hub for bulk goods.